My name is Dandan Chen and I graduated from Seoul National University. Four years ago, I quit my job as a university teacher and began to design my own brand WUZHI, just to create things that can improve the quality of life and can carry time.

For me, the most enjoyable part of the design process is to tie the apron, spread the fabric, leave the trifle behind, and let the thoughts immerse in the line, shape, and production.

Exploring and tapping the characteristics and textures of different substances to get inspiration, using simple tools to make the ideas in your mind into a specific thing step by step, this is the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that the creation brings to me.

Planner is my solution to improve work efficiency and quality of life.

Use Planner to summarize all the messy and fragmented ideas, to do list and feeling, so that the brain can be emptied and released, so that life is orderly, dreams come into reality; use it to plan and record the trajectory of time, so that you can understand yourself and Time relationship, better control of time and your own life.

The products designed with this inspiration have been loved by many young artists at home and abroad. They have also been invited to participate in Shanghai Design Week and settled in Fangsuo and Eslite Bookstores.


Lay a solid foundation, and the time will come for you to shine.

We advocate exploring a richer world with efficient and minimal life and work. A variety of high-quality materials are used because they become more stable and brighter as they are used, making people feel and value the power of time. Plan and control your life with the most streamlined and durable tools, freeing up time and energy to explore more far-reaching things.

The beautiful appearance and delicate feel of the leather goods make me love it, always take it with me and keep the habit of recording. The design philosophy contained in color, lines and functions can always remind me to pay attention to the real needs of the heart, to work hard for the life I really want, not to be easily disturbed or deviated from the direction.

We chose to use Italian imported top layer vegetable tanned cowhide for design, except that because of its delicate hand, the leather is tight, the oil is very rich, and more importantly, it comes from the long-established traditional vegetable tannery process. After using it for a long time, cowhide Darker colors, more lustrous brightness and a more delicate texture over time, using scratches polished by time, as memories become invaluable.

In the future, we will continue to update more products that can carry time, including DuPont paper bags, brass, and solid wood tools.

  • Journal
  • Stationery
  • Leather Bag
  • Small Furniture

The more you use, the better quality it becomes. I believe that whether it is a hand account, a book, or a life or a dream, the same is true. WUZHI will witness the power of time with you together.

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